Fab Five


Party Girl Success Sheets


What is a Mary Kay Hydra Session


Closing Your Party

Two-Sided Placemat

Let’s Go Shopping








Booking From Classes


Pamper Yourself With A Party by InTouch

TimeWise Miracle Set 3D Survey

TimeWise Miracle Set 3D Survey

Closing Your Party – video by Cindy Machado Flibbin

8 Point Closing by Francene Jackson

Group Close by Kim Cavarretta

Class Opinion Poll by Tiffiney Maxwell

Closing Survey Half Sheet by Tonya Colbert

Work Full Circle




Flip Chart by Kathleen Holmberg-Botehlo

Creating an I-story by LaRonda Daigle

Ways To Say Follow-Up Facial

TimeWise 3D Closing Script

Why Wash Your Face With Mary Kay by NSD Diana Sumpter: VideoScript * Flip Chart

Selfies Script by Alexa Tarby

Power Class Script by NSD Kelly McCarroll

I Story Outline by Renee Gorron

Class Flip Chart by Laura Poling

Group Close by Kim Cavarretta

12 Minute Beauty Show by Diane Critchlow

Class Opening by Lisa Madsen

Power Class by NSD Kelly McCarroll



Tips & Ideas

Facial Review by Kathleen Holmberg-Botehlo

Your Guide To The Second Appointment by InTouch

TimeWise 3D Tray Papers

TimeWise 3D Party Ideas

Flip Chart by InTouch

Charcoal Mask Postcard by Director Double

New Consultant Kick Off Party Checklist

Purse Game

The Power Of Parties by MK Virtual Office

Party Girl Success Sheets by NSD Roya Mattis

Tray Inserts * BotanicalClear Proof * by Julie Wojcik

Power of Parties (don’t forget to click on the video link at the bottom of the pdf)

Party Plan by Kristen Sharpe

Tray Inserts – Advance Glamour

Tray inserts – Ultimate Miracle Set

Tray Inserts – Botanicals

Linda Toupin’s Thoughts On Facials And Classes by Linda Toupin

Tray Inserts – Zebra by Jamie Porter

Mineral Makeover Tray Insert by Heather Wickstrom

Botanicals Tray Insert by Heather Wickstrom

Miracle Set Tray Insert by Heather Wickstrom

Volu-Firm Tray Inserts by Heather Wickstrom

Door Prize Drawing by Heather Wickstrom

Mary Kay Ash Cookie Recipes

Party Procedures by Diana Sumpter

Tips for Great Fast Class by Gloria Evans

How to hold a Skype class by Jill McAdams

Make Your Appointment Easier by Lorri Woehrle

New 20 Minute Skin Care Class by Alexandra Farah

Pass the Gift Game

Left Right Game

After The Sale

PINK Marketing Game * Game Answers by Judy Kawiecki

Glamour Party Invitation by Director Only Service

Your Skin Aging Pattern (test) by Linda Quillin

Skin Care Survey by Diana Sumpter

Sole Therapy – DIY Foot Massage

Appointment Confirmation Card by Julie Villumsem

PINK Marketing Game * Commercial Break by Sherril Steinman

Beauty Just For You Color Recommendations by Regina McDermott

Foundation Survey from InTouch

New Consultant Debut Invitations

Guest Invitation Postcards

Power Class by NSD Kelly McCarroll


Beauty Experience