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Open Houses


Stop n Shop Instructions by Kim McClure

Tips For A Successful Open House  by QT Office

Open House Checklist by Brenda Tholin

What’s Next After Your Holiday Open House by Roxy Coursey

Video: Open House

Open House Tips by Unit Community

Mary Kay Ash Cookie Recipes

Open House Tips by Laurie Cole

Video: 2011 Open House Setup

Holiday Display Instructions by Lynn Tekiele/Sherril Steinman

How To Do A Holiday Stop ‘n Shop by Kim McClure

Christmas Boutique How To’s by Sue Golden

Holiday Open Houses 101

Open House Strategy by Palia Curry

Christmas Open House Notes – 2010 by Rita Schaefer

Hold 3 Open Houses



Open House Invitations by InTouch

Holiday Pink Friday by InTouch

Holiday Pink Weekend by InTouch

Small Business Saturday by InTouch

Cyber Monday Invite – by InTouch

Printing Address Labels from InTouch by Elaine Lewis

Open House Postcard by MK Virtual Office

Open House Invitation by Palia Curry

Holiday Open House Invitation by Pat Ringnalda

Holiday Open House Invitation  by Victorious Designs

Invitation Letter – Word Document

Invitation With Poem by Cathy Koning



Blitzen Bucks by Maggie Rader

Open House Coupons by Maggie Rader

Save the Date Postcard Made interactive by Cathy Koning


Executive Gift Buying Service

Class Ideas

Sales Ideas/Product Flyers


On The Road Trunk Show by Susan Mayo

Hold A Holiday Trunk Show

Selling Holiday Baskets to Men by Victoria Hoffman



Keep Calm and Dream of a Pink Christmas by



Holiday Trunk Show

Satin Hands – Silent Hostess

Stocking Stuffers Flyer – option 1option 2

Video: Lip Gloss Ornaments by Leigh Ann David

*Gilded Holiday Look – Luis Casco on GMA*

Snowman Hand Cream Video: Instructions by Leigh Ann David

Snowman Hand Cream Wrapper by Leigh Ann David

Christmas for the Elderly

Holiday Gift Guide 2020 by Spillman Office

Gas Glove Labels

Holiday GWP Postcard

Perfect Gift Postcard by Director Only Services



Host a Party


Earn Your Glamour Look Referral Flyer



Teachers Poem by Karen Jorgenson

Gift Tag Poems

Twas the Night Before Christmas Discount by Cathy Koning

Satin Hands Poem

Busy Hands Poem

Snowman Soup – Option 1

Snowman Soup – Option 2 by Connie Lustig

Snowman Soup Tags

Queen For A Day – Wife * Queen For A Day – Mom

Crown Poem Flyer

Friends Poem



Christmas Pillow Gift Instructions by QT Office

Christmas Pillow Gift Tag – Blue by QT Office

Christmas Pillow Gift Tag – Pink by QT Office

Pillow Gift Tag by Roseanne Bair

Pillow Gift Instructions

Pillow Gift Poem – Option 1

Pillow Gift Poem – Option 2

Pillow Gift Poem – Option 3



End of the Year Sale by Tracy Ley

Coupon: $10 off $100 Order



Gift Certificate Editable by Roseanne Bair

Gift Certificate QT Office

Gift Certificate QT Office

Gift Certificates by QT Office

Girlfriend Pampering * Script * pdf * Word doc by Melinda Balling

Gift Certificate Postcard Made Interactive by Cathy Koning




Test Panels/Smear Sheets


TimeWise Repair Market Survey


Lip Smear Sheet by Think Pink Software



12 Days of Christmas

Wish Lists


Secret Santa How To’s



Holiday Wish List by InTouch

Wish List by Office Buzz

Holiday Wish List

Secret Santa Wish List

Wish List by Pink Ink Media

Holiday Wish List by Kim Cavarrett


Team Building


Adopt A Grandparent by Catherine Slezak

Lip Gloss Fundraiser made Interactive by Cathy Koning

Online Ordering Fundraiser made Interactive by Cathy Koning

Booking to Raise made Interactive by Cathy Koning

Kinder Care Letter – Word doc by Cathy Koning

Adopt-A-Grandparent Program by Francene Anderson


Packaging Ideas

Holiday Gift Tags – by InTouch

Pink Cadillac Gift Tags – by InTouch

Mary Kay Gift Box Instructions – InTouch

Gift Tags for Teachers

Gift Tags: Fabu-lash * Merry Kiss-mas  * Mistle-toe   *

Video: Holiday Gift Wrapping Supplies by Karie Nabhan

Video: Where to buy socks, gloves and mugs by Lisa Thomas

Video: How to Package a Coffee & Cream Set by Lisa Thomas

Video: Feet Retreat Sock Set by Karie Nabhan

Video: Holiday Selling On-The-Go by Karie Nabhan

Coffee n Cream by Veronia Hodges

Get Your Shine On by Kathy Kalmar

Hail To The Nails by Kathy Kalmar

Kisses For The Cook by Kathy Kalmar

Rock the Stache by Kathy Kalmar

Sweet Dreams by Kathy Kalmar

Thanks A Latte by Kathy Kalmar

The by Kathy Kalmar

Toasty Toes by Kathy Kalmar

Gift Tag Poems by Cathy Koning

Tootsie Roll Cards by Melinda Mercedes Balling

Twinkle Toes Card by Melinda Mercedes Balling

S’Mores Card by Melinda Mercedes Balling

Sock Cupcakes by Jeanie Navrkal

Gift Packaging How To’s by Cindy Malphrus

Holiday Displays – option 1 by Robin Rowland

Holiday Displays – option2 by Robin Rowland

Video: How to Make A Bow * Printable Instructions

Gift Tags – Green Greetings

Gift Tags – Lace Up Your Skates

Gift Tags – Peace On Earth

Stocking Stuffer Tags – Happy Feet by Sharon Love

Stocking Stuffer Tags – Snowman Soup Hands by Sharon Love

Stocking Stuffer Tags – Snowman Soup Feet by Sharon Love