Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Fab Five


Clinical Solutions-At-A-Glance


Chromafusion Looks Face Charts

Beauty Book updated 2/21


Endless Performance


Foundation Chart by Lori Hogg








Color Techniques

Chromafusion Looks Face Chart

Custom Color Looks by Intouch

Color Technique by Robert Jones

JLo Glow by Cathy Koning

Makeup Color Theory (Color Wheel) video by Robert Jones

Flushed Cheeks video by Robert Jones

Looking As Young As You Feel video by Robert Jones

Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial video by Robert Jones

Robert Jones: Face Shapes by Rita Schaefer

Robert Jones: Face Sculpting

Application Guides for Lips and Eyes by Kellie Hammett

Stages of Makeup





Perfect Your Look With New Tools by InTouch

Sun Care Flyer by InTouch

Cheek Color Conversion by InTouch

Chroma-Eye Shade Conversion by InTouch

The Little Book Of Brows by InTouch

Brush Manual-updated 6/18

Brushes by InTouch

Gel Lip Color Chart by InTouch

Mascara Flyer by InTouch

Lash Intensity Ad by InTouch

Thank you for your order/How To Flyer by The Pink Bubble

Fulfillment Options Reference * Explanation Video * by InTouch

Product Date Codes by Jill Beckstedt

Celiac Disease And Gluten Information by InTouch

All About Rosacea by Cadillac Connection

How To Cover Black Eye by Ann Schmalzigan


Skin Care

Clinical Solutions Retinol 0.5 Set

Clinical Solutions FAQs

Clinical Retinization Journal

Clinical Solutions: Products To Avoid

Science Behind Results

Discussion Guide for MyCustomers Clinicals

Clinicals Before/After Flier

Clinical Solutions Retinization Tracker

Clinical Solutions At-Glance Flier

Mary Kay Clinical Solutions Read First

Clinical Solutions Benefits Flyer

Clinical Solutions At-A-Glance

Clinical Solutions Retinization Tracker

Clinical Solutions Before and After

Clinical Solutions Discussion Guide

Clinical Solutions Science Behind Results

Clinical Solutions Product Compatibility Guide

Clinical Solutions Retinization Journal

Clinical Solutions FAQ’s

Clinical Solutions Fact Sheet

Clinical Solutions Social Media Playbook


Skin Care Credentials by InTouch

Skin Care Checklist Flyer by InTouch

Pamper Yourself With a Party Checklist by InTouch

Skinvigorate Flyer by InTouch

Order Of Application by LeAnn Stadt

Order Of Application Clear Proof by Heather Pratt

Clear Proof Postcard by Director Only Services

Order Of Application – TimeWise Volu-Firm by Keara Murphy

Clear Proof Order Of Application by Donna Bayes Scott

Skinvigorate Flyer by Director Only Services

Skinvigorate Flyer by MK Virtual Office

Skinvigorate Postcard by MK Virtual Office

Be A Product Pro by Jolie Generalov

Men’s Daily Facial Wash by InTouch

Men’s Shave Foam by InTouch

Men’s Skin Care Tips by InTouch

Men’s Cooing Aftershave by InTouch

Men’s Advance Hydrator Fact Sheet by InTouch

Men’s Advanced Eye Cream by InTouch


Naturally Booking Scripts by Julia Burnett

Naturally eCatalog by Intouch

Tool Kit by Intouch

What You Need To Know by Intouch

Flash Cards by Intouch

Flyer by Intouch

Opinion Form



Introducing the TW Miracle Set 3D

TW Miracle Set 3D Placemat

TW Miracle Set 3D Facts Sheet


TimeWise Repair Lifting Bio-Celluloose Mask

TimeWise Repair Placemat

TimeWise Repair Facts Sheet

TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Set Survey


Clear Proof Place Mat

Multimasking Flyer

Clear Proof Facts

Clear Proof Skin Care Survey


Order Of Application Botanical Effects by Heather Pratt

Order Of Application – Botanical by Keara Murphy

Botanical Effects – How It Works by InTouch

Botanicals Client Information Sheet by Crisette Ellis

Botanicals Skin Care Cards

Keeping Your Skin Care Current from InTouch

Botanicals Effects Fact Sheet from InTouch

Botanicals Effect Postcard by Director Only Services

Botanicals: How to Switch from InTouch